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Forest Peoples Programme works with forest peoples to secure their rights, their territories and their livelihoods. We work to create political space for those peoples to control their lands and decide their own futures.

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Nieuwe Keizersgracht 45; 1c Fosseway Business Centre Stratford Road, Amsterdam, , Netherlands NL

Creation date 1990
Topics / Areas Biodiversity, RightsBiodiversity, Rights
Languages English, Spanish; Castilian, French, Dutch; Flemishen, es, fr, nl
Funding models Donationsdonations
Type of organization NGO
Representative's name Tom Griffiths

52° 22' 3.25" N, 4° 54' 14.90" E en, es, fr, nl"en, es, fr, nl" is not in the list (aa, ab, ae, af, ak, am, an, ar, as, av, ...) of allowed values for the "Endorser:info-languages" property.

ngo donations https://www.forestpeoples.org/ Tom Griffiths tom@forestpeoples.org