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Since 2000, Global Diversity Foundation has carried out vibrant applied collaborative research programmes with Indigenous communities in Mesoamerica, North Africa, Southeast Asia and southern Africa. In collaboration with local and national institutions, we provide training and advocacy to support communities as they design and implement their own initiatives to maintain local environments and enhance their livelihoods and wellbeing. Our areas of focus depend on community interests and priorities. To date, we have worked on community-based biocultural diversity conservation, sustainable livelihoods, community access to lands and resources, the continuity of ethnobiological knowledge, community health and wellbeing.

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37 St. Margarets Street,, Canterbury, , United Kingdom GB

Creation date 2000
Topics / Areas Agroecology, BiodiversityAgroecology, Biodiversity
Languages Englishen
Funding models Foundationsfoundations
Type of organization Network
Representative's name Vaness Reid