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There are currently 77 Endorsing organizations.

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Endorser Country Type
Academy of Democratic Modernity Rojava Academic
Africa Earth Jurisprudence Collective South Africa Network
African Biodiversity Network Kenya Network
Africans Rising Kenya NGO
Afrika Youth Movement Kenya NGO
Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa Uganda Network
AltDev, Program on Alternative Development of UP CIDS Philippines Academic
Alternatives to Capitalism - SASE Denmark Academic
Civil Diplomacy Center - North and East Syria Syrian Arab Republic Network
Coalition Against Land Grabbing Philippines NGO
Community Economies Institute Australia Research
Deep Transformations Network United States Network
Defend the Sacred Alliance Portugal Network
ECOLISE Belgium Network
Earthlife Africa Jhb South Africa NGO
Ecoversities Alliance United States Network
European Commons Assembly Spain Network
Faircoop Spain Cooperative
Fifth Empire Portugal Cooperative
Focus on the Global South Thailand NGO
Forest Peoples Programme Netherlands NGO
Foundations Earth United Kingdom ⧼rv-endorser:reply-⧽
Gaia Foundation United Kingdom NGO
Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature Ecuador Network
Global Diversity Foundation United Kingdom Network
Global Ecovillage Network United Kingdom Network
Global Extractivisms and Alternatives Initiative Finland Academic
Global Forest Coalition Paraguay Network
Global University for Sustainability Hong Kong Academic
Global Working Group Beyond Development Ecuador Academic
Global Youth Biodiversity Network Germany Network
Grassroots to Global United Kingdom NGO
Great Transition Initiative United States NGO
Greenpeace International Netherlands Network
Health of Mother Earth Foundation Nigeria NGO
ICCA Consortium Switzerland Network
Indigenous Environmental Network United States Network
International Network of Mountain Indigenous Peoples Peru Network
International Tribunal on Rights of Nature Ecuador Network
It Takes Roots United States Network
Katalizo Canada NGO
Leadership for the Ecozoic United States Network
Local Futures United States NGO
Los Angeles for All United States Network
MINGAnet Colombia Network
May First Movement Technology United States Cooperative
Mέta Greece NGO
NOW NET Germany Network
Natural Justice South Africa NGO
New Alliance Switzerland Proposal
North-South Initiative Malaysia NGO
Pacto Ecosocial e Intercultural del Sur Colombia Network
People's Health Movement Bangladesh Network
Post-Growth Institute United States NGO
REEVO Argentina Network
Reap Goodness United States NGO
Red Universidad y Compromiso Social Spain Network
Research and Degrowth Spain Network
Rising Earth News United Kingdom NGO
Sangat India Network
Socialist Workers and Youth League Nigeria NGO
Society for Learning and Alternative Transformation Kenya Network
Soil Not Oil Coalition United States NGO
Solidarity Research Center United States Research
Symbiosis United States Network
Systems Change Alliance Portugal Network
The Alternatives Project United States NGO
The Convivialists France Proposal
The Emergence Network India Network
The Leap Canada NGO
Transition Network United Kingdom Network
Transnational Institute Netherlands NGO
US Solidarity Economy Network United States Network
Wellbeing Economy Alliance United Kingdom NGO
WoMin South Africa Network
Women4Biodiversity Thailand Network
Yes to Life No to Mining Kenya Network