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Katalizo seeks to promote change at the global level by harnessing the energy and wisdom of youth and elders. Based on non-intrusive change principles and strategies, Katalizo encourages communities to discover their own talents and resources in order to find solutions to the problems that limit their quality of life and social development.

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Quebec, , Quebec, Canada CA

Creation date 2017
Topics / Areas Social changeSocial change
Languages English, Spanish; Castilian, Frenchen, es, fr
Funding models Donationsdonations
Type of organization NGO
Representative's name Carminda Mac Lorin

46° 48' 49.97" N, 71° 12' 28.73" W en, es, fr"en, es, fr" is not in the list (aa, ab, ae, af, ak, am, an, ar, as, av, ...) of allowed values for the "Endorser:info-languages" property.

ngo donations https://www.katalizo.org/ Carminda Mac Lorin carminda.maclorin@katalizo.org