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Inspired by #NoDAPL and incubated in the Tamera community in Portugal, the Defend the Sacred Alliance brings together activists and leaders of Indigenous groups, social movements and communities to contribute to the growing practice of sacred activism, to catalyze regenerative systems change, and to protect the sanctity of all Life.

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TAMERA, Healing Biotope 1, Monte do Cerro, 7630-392, Reliquias, , Portugal PT

Creation date 2017
Topics / Areas Decolonization, Environmental justice, Extractivism, Social justiceDecolonization, Environmental justice, Extractivism, Social justice
Languages English, Portugueseen, pt
Funding models Crowdfunding, Donationscrowdfunding, donations
Type of organization Network
Representative's name Martin Winiecki

37° 43' 7.21" N, 8° 31' 14.20" W en, pt"en, pt" is not in the list (aa, ab, ae, af, ak, am, an, ar, as, av, ...) of allowed values for the "Endorser:info-languages" property.

network crowdfunding, donations"crowdfunding, donations" is not in the list (campaigns, crowdfunding, donations, foundations, grants, membership, merchandising, public) of allowed values for the "Endorser:info-funding" property. https://globaltapestryofalternatives.org/newsletters:01:index?redirect=1#coherence prayer active solidaritylearnings from the emerging defend the sacred alliance Martin Winiecki martin.winiecki@tamera.org