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mέta‘s mission is to become a unique international intellectual, artistic, scholarly and cultural hub for radical progressive movements across Europe and the world: a centre not only for researching postcapitalism but also for working toward its… civilisation.

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15 Mavromateon, Athens, , Greece GR

Creation date 2020
Topics / Areas Democracy, Social changeDemocracy, Social change
Languages Greek, Modern (1453-), Englishel, en
Funding models
Type of organization NGO
Representative's name Sotiris Mitralexi

37° 59' 32.24" N, 23° 43' 55.60" E el, en"el, en" is not in the list (aa, ab, ae, af, ak, am, an, ar, as, av, ...) of allowed values for the "Endorser:info-languages" property.


https://metacpc.org/en/ Sotiris Mitralexi sotmitral@gmail.com