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Symbiosis is a network of organizers and activist-researchers across North America dedicated to building community-based, popular power. Participants consist of organizations as well as individuals who work toward building a free, egalitarian, and ecological society from the ground up. We organize in neighborhoods, develop movement resources and materials, and help new projects get off the ground. We are working to create a continental confederation of radically democratic, community-based municipalist institutions.

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Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States US

Creation date 2018
Topics / Areas Democracy, Education, Social changeDemocracy, Education, Social change
Languages English, Spanish; Castilianen, es
Funding models Crowdfunding, Donations, Foundations, Grantscrowdfunding, donations, foundations, grants
Type of organization Network
Representative's name Kelly Roache

43° 4' 4.04" N, 87° 54' 4.00" W en, es"en, es" is not in the list (aa, ab, ae, af, ak, am, an, ar, as, av, ...) of allowed values for the "Endorser:info-languages" property.

network crowdfunding, donations, foundations, grants"crowdfunding, donations, foundations, grants" is not in the list (campaigns, crowdfunding, donations, foundations, grants, membership, merchandising, public) of allowed values for the "Endorser:info-funding" property. https://www.symbiosis-revolution.org/ Kelly Roache kellyroache@gmail.com