Report Volume 1: "Resilience in the Face of COVID-19"

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Title of the series Weaving Solidarity and Hope: Beyond Pandemics and Lockdowns
Volume number 01
Coordinators Upamanyu Das; Shrishtee Bajpai
Publication date 2021/12/15

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Cases in this report

Brief introduction

This is the first volume of a collection of various narratives from around the world based on collaborative writing. Together, they provide us multifaceted expressions of resistance to dominant forms of oppression—to defend local ways of life, strengthen local autonomy, and reconstruct societies. These examples show that COVID-19 and the problems it has highlighted in society (all of which have been around for much longer, of course, but are more sharply visible now) have solutions—already demonstrated by communities, initiatives and civil society. They give important lessons and pathways for just, equitable, and ecologically resilient futures.

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